We want to help make your driving experiences happy and safe!

$380 SPECIAL (if paid in full at time of sign up)

Otherwise, you can pay $100 to start a class, and pay the rest in payments until the $400 is paid in full.

2 Locations- Lafayette and New Iberia 


We are looking to hire more drivers.  Must have a class D license, clean driving record, a good attitude and be able to pass a background check.  Because of student and parent demand, we are mostly looking for women over the age of 30.  Please email mendysdriving@yahoo.com


We have pictures and regular updates on facebook, twitter, myspace, and tumblr


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~Please call ahead to make sure someone is in office before coming~

           We are usually in the office 9am to 2pm, but please call ahead before coming unless you plan to put your registration in the drop box at the bottom of our door.  If you do use the drop box, please make sure everything you leave is in an envelope together.


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Mendy's Driving School, LLC 

1904 W. Pinhook Suite 102

Lafayette, Louisiana 70508

337-456-3276 office


Mission Statement

 The increase of young drivers on the road today makes safe driving practices a must and saving lives a need in our communities. With the intention of saving lives and reducing property damage and financial cost, we are proud to announce the opening of Mendy’s Driving School serving Lafayette, Broussard, Youngsville and surrounding areas. Our School is committed to safety, trust and quality of training and is designed to help all driver’s attending our program do their individual best. We strive for excellence and a quality education that we believe exceeds the average driving school. We utilize all the available tools to ensure you or your child becomes a safe and effective driver.

Ryan Lee

January 1998, Louisiana implemented the R.Y.A.N. Act. (Reduce Youth Accidents Now). It was Named after Ryan Lee who lost his life a few months after receiving his drivers license.


 Teens are losing their lives all around the country and our school wants to play a major role in reducing the statistics for teen fatalities or injuries. Thank You for Listening.


Louisiana Law-RS 32:402


Stage 1 (Learner's Permit)

(1) 15 & 16 Years of Age Only
(2) Must complete a 38 hour driver education course (commercially or public education)
(3) Must pass visual exam, and two (2) written test
(4) May use with licensed 21 year old or licensed 18 year old siblings

Stage 2 (Intermediate License)

(1) Must be 16 year old
(2) Must have had learner's permit at least 180 days prior
(3) Must pass an on-road driving test provided with Louisiana Driving School or DMV
(4) Restricted to curfew law until 17 yrs, (11pm until 5am) unless accompanied by a licensed 21 year old or 18 yr old sibling.
(5) Must have demonstrated accident free, except in cases where not at fault
(6) Must have no convictions for moving violations
(7) Received no convictions for violations of the seat belt or curfew laws
(8) These underlined must be for at least 12 months
(9) The DMV may expand the term of the intermediate license if necessary

*Contingent advancements. Violation of laws would delay advancement to the next licensing level. Advancement is contingent on having a violation-free driving record.

Stage 3 (Full License)

(1) Must be 17 years of age

The GDL (The Ryan Act) does not attempt to directly change driver behavior; rather these laws limit a new driver's exposure to high-risk situations, such as driving at night. Limitations are lifted gradually as a driver becomes more mature and gains experience by developing his or her driving skills to become a safe and responsible driver.


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